Cultivation of Aronia berries, kalithea - Pieria
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The idea was born due to the economic crisis.

Two friends, a salesman and a chef both in the profession,

married with families reached an economic impasse.

Once we came along the article in the newspaper about the aronia plant

we believed in the product, unnecessarily without further

information we contacted Mr. John Spanos researcher of the

cultivation of the Aronia plant at A.U.TH and began to cultivate the idea.

Today we are proud of the first organized cultivation of

Aronia in Greece. Hopefully in the future and other hobby farmers will follow us.

The interest is very large.

John Tachas, Kostas Vafidis


This specific plant nurserie, a pioneer in Greece in the production – and cultivation of the Aronia plant, has certified by the European Union Aronia plants, the production and dispatch is monitored by qualified staff ensuring superior quality plants.

All of its plant material operation  of  the Aronia Pieria plant receives care from Dr. George Barda (Agronomist - plant pathologist) and his associates. 

Specifically, the plants from the early stages of life are colonized with beneficial fungi of the genus Trichoderma thus achieving robust plants, faster growth rates and successful protection of the plant material, shielding it against risks of attacks by soil-borne plant pathogens. Additionally provide full support services to young plant growers who supplied the plant  from us.

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